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Cris Ericson has been running for political
office in Vermont starting 2002 when she ran
for Governor of Vermont under the
“Make Marijuana Legal” political affiliation.
She has been on the official election ballot
in the November General Election every two
years, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012,
2014, 2016 and she will be on the Vermont
official election ballot in 2018.

She has consistently campaigned to clean up
Lake Champlain by prohibiting the release of
treated sewage into the lake from dozens
of sewage treatment plants surrounding
Lake Champlain.  One-third of Vermonters
draw their drinking water from Lake Champlain
so it is very wrong to dump treated sewage
into Lake Champlain while simultaneously
Vermont residents are drawing their drinking
water from the lake.  Treating Lake Champlain
organic water with chloramines and/or
mono-chloramines mixed with organic lake
water creates trihalomethanes and increases
the risks of cancer in the population of
people living in Vermont.  Cris Ericson has
used comedy to try to get attention to the
issues.  One time on Vermont Public Television
she wore a Pirate hat and introduced herself
as “Pirate Captain Cris Ericson”.

Cris Ericson believes the people as a whole
group, and the political issues, are more
important than she is as an individual,
so she does what she can to bring attention
to the issues.

In one appearance on Vermont Public Television,
Cris Ericson showed the audience an egg box
for a dozen eggs, only she had painted it
bright green, and she did a 60 second comedy
skit: “Ring, ring, ring, (pretending to be
a telemarketer)…Hi! I’m calling from Ultra-
High Marijuana Company and today we have a
special on one dozen ounces of marijuana,
so if you buy the one dozen, you get 6 ounces
for free just for trying out our product to see
for yourself that you will get 50% higher,
and the high will last 50% longer with
Ultra-High Marijuana.  Just crack open the
box and take out an ounce and try it.
If you aren’t 100% satisfied, you get to
keep the free ounces just for trying Ultra-High

Comedy has traditionally been a tool to get people
to open up and talk about subjects that are
hard for many people to discuss.

On the other hand, some things just aren’t funny.
For example, a 13 year old running for Governor of
Vermont, as promoted nationwide by many major
mass media.   Think about it, Vermonters, you
KNOW that the Governor of Vermont is in charge
of the Vermont National Guard.  You know that the
F-35 strike fighter jets will be based in Vermont
soon after the 2018 Election.  F-35 strike fighter
jets are dual capable to carry nuclear weapons,
and the biggest reason to NOT base the F-35
strike fighter jets adjacent to the Burlington
International (civilian) Airport is that THEN
potential terrorists will have very close access
to the nuclear bombs which may be stored
adjacent to the fleet of F-35 strike fighter jets.
Now, do you want a 13 year old child
candidate for governor, as promoted in the news,
a little boy,
in control of nuclear weapons?

For Jim Condos, Vermont Secretary of State,
and Will Sennings, attorney for the Elections
Division, to NOT stop the mass media news
from announcing that this little 13 year old
boy is running for governor of Vermont,
is GROSS NEGLIGENCE, and purposeful failure
to discharge a duty of care owed in reckless
disregard of the consequences as they may
affect another’s life or property.
[“Meet the 13-year-old running for Vermont governor
Aug 31, 2017
Did you know? Vermont is one of two states
without an age requirement for governor?”]